drag [drag]
dragged, dragging [ME draggen < ON draga (or OE dragan): see DRAW]
1. to pull or draw with force or effort, esp. along the ground; haul
a) to move (oneself) with effort
b) to force into some situation, action, etc.
3. to pull a grapnel, net, etc. over the bottom of (a river, lake, etc.) in searching for something; dredge
4. to draw a harrow over (land)
5. to draw (something) out over a period of time; protract tediously or painfully
6. to bring (a subject) into conversation, a piece of writing, etc. unnecessarily or as if by force
7. Baseball to hit (a ball) in executing a drag bunt
1. to be dragged; be pulled along the ground or other surface; trail
2. to lag behind
3. to be prolonged tediously; move or pass too slowly
4. to search a body of water with a grapnel, net, etc.
5. Slang to draw deeply ( on a cigarette, pipe, etc.)
6. Slang to participate in or as if in a drag race
1. something dragged or pulled along the ground; specif.,
a) a harrow used for breaking ground
b) a heavy sledge, or sled
c) a type of private stagecoach of the 19th cent., with seats inside and on top, drawn by four horses
2. a device used to catch and haul up something under water; grapnel, dragnet, etc.
3. a thing that checks motion, as a brake on the wheel of a carriage
4. anything that hinders or obstructs [a drag on his resources]
5. the amount by which anything drags
6. the act of dragging; slow, cumbersome movement
7. Slang influence that gains special or undeserved favors; pull
8. Slang
a) a deep puff of a cigarette, pipe, etc.
b) a swallow of liquid
9. Slang a dance
10. Slang street; road [the main drag ]
11. Slang DRAG RACE
12. Slang a dull or boring person, situation, etc.
13. Slang
a) clothing of the opposite sex, esp. as worn by a male homosexual
b) clothing, esp. clothing typical of a certain country, period, occupation, etc.
14. Aeron. Engineering a resisting force exerted on an aircraft, motor vehicle, etc. parallel to its airstream and opposite in direction to its motion
15. Hunting
a) a trail of scent left by an animal
b) something dragged over the ground to leave a trail of scent
c) a hunt over such a trail: in full drag hunt
drag on or drag out
to prolong or be prolonged tediously
☆ drag one's feet or drag one's heels
Slang to act with deliberate slowness or obvious reluctance; be uncooperative

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